Have You Seen Wiley – the Cute Dalmatian With a Heart on His Nose?

The Dalmatian is a very special dog breed. These dogs have need a unique way of treatment in order to be happy and healthy, but are well worth your time and devotion. They love getting a lot of love and attention, a characteristic that makes them a perfect home dog.

Dalmatians are very cute dogs, covered with white coats with black or dark brown spots that develop when they become 10 days old.

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Wiley is a special Dalmatian

There is one Dalmatian named Wiley who is so adorable that has over 130,000 Instagram followers. Do you know why? He is born with a heart shape on his nose that never changed.

Lexi Smith, the 26 years old owner of Wiley never thought that he would become so popular. She is still in shock but for sure enjoys posting pictures of him. As she explains, this feels like a fun little adventure for her.

Lexi describes her dog as a very joyful and a little crazy puppy that loves to hug and show love. He is 54 pounds heavy and is always hungry. He acts curiously and carelessly and enjoys car rides and hiking.

Image Source: Instagram

Why did Smith choose Wiley?

On the question of why she chose Wiley, she said that his nose didn’t play a big role.  When this Dalmatian was small, the shape of the heart wasn’t fully formed, so Lexi thought that it would probably change or disappear. The spots on the Dalmatian’s body change a lot with time, but this didn’t happen with Wiley’s heart spot.

The reason why she chose him was that they both had a lot of things in common. The breeder told her that Wiley loves to sleep a lot, eat a lot, and enjoys cuddling. Then she thought that he is the perfect dog for her because her way of life is the same as his.

Wiley is now a mini-celebrity not only on Instagram but on the streets too. In Colorado, the city where they live, people always want to stop him, to touch him, and say some compliments about his heart on the nose which makes him look so adorable. His popularity makes her feel amazed. But her life with Wiley is not perfect.

The biggest challenge that Lexi is dealing with is Wiley’s stubbornness. Sometimes it makes her feel very frustrated, and sometimes she deals with it by laughing. But she has accepted it as part of owning a Dalmatian.

Image Source: Instagram

What does a life with a Dalmatian look like?

Dalmatians are dogs with unknown origin and history from hundreds of years ago. Their name comes from the city called Dalmatia in the area that is now named Croatia. Dalmatians have been traveling with gypsies serving them as carriage dogs. These dogs served also in hunting, firefighting, and many other things for which they are capable.

They are very intelligent and energetic dogs but gentle at the same time. Dalmatians are not aggressive and love to protect children. They need to be trained when they are very young so that they can continue to live by those rules.

These dogs require regular exercises and training, so you really need a lot of energy in order to be able to fully meet their needs. If you give them enough motivation and love, they will be able to overcome every challenge they face.

Their urinary system has some special requirements too. They must drink water constantly and eat food that is low in purines.

Although life with a Dalmatian is not always easy, Smith admits that there is nothing in the world that she can give her dog for. Her life is blessed by having Wiley by her side.

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