“Halo Brows” Is The New Strange Eyebrow Trend. Everybody Loves It.

If you are a fan of crazy eyebrow trends, prepare to meet the unconventional and gorgeous “Halo Brows.” 

Make-up artists are experimenting with new beauty looks – halo brows that look like logos. Currently, they are into halo brows, which means connecting eyebrows and drawing a casual shape on the face.

As the world of fashion and make-up continues to grow, it is clear that make-up artists will be searching for new wild ideas. Halo brows are considered to be the start of many popular trends.  

Hannah Lyne, a 16-year-old make-up blogger who came up with this new trend, wrote on her Instagram profile that she was having a conversation with a friend trying to come up with a new make-up idea, and all of a sudden it came to her that she could connect her eyebrows.  

Lyne used NYX Cosmetics’ Tame and a Frame Brow Pomade in “Espresso” to get the look and brushed highlighter on the inner corner of her eyes, her cheekbones, and her brow bone. The fishtail eyebrow trend has inspired her to achieve this look.

It somehow resembles a reverse unibrow. She also chose long lashes and no eye shadow. This is not the first time that Lyne is experimenting with eyebrows. Among the many designs that she has already come up with, the “triple brow” is her trend, too.  

The weird brow trend will not end her. Make-up artists will try to find a way to change the traditional eyebrow look every season. They have made eyebrows into fairy lights, Christmas trees, infinity symbols, etc. In 2017, there was a trend of Nike “swoosh brows”, which resembled the logo of Nike.

Lyne’s “Halo Brow” trend inspired many other make-up artists, among which is Huda Kattan, who has over 48 million followers on Instagram. On her Instagram profile, she wrote that she wanted to encourage girls to start their make-up pages if it has been something that they have been wanting to do, even if they do it just for fun.

She added that she was very glad that she started her own page. She also wrote that you do not need to have a great camera and a lot of make-up to start.  

If you want to experiment with your eyebrows, it is considered that you can take any symbol or logo. Would you ever try to get the Nike logo, the McDonald’s ‘M’ or, an arrow drawn on your eyebrows? In general, the McDonald’s brows can be done when make-up artists make their real eyebrows invisible using concealer and powder.


Then, they paint faux brows as high as possible to resemble the chain’s golden arches. People not only enjoy the design of their eyebrows, but they also love adding a bit of color to them. In this way, they can portray the mindset or mood they are in.  

Making shapes with your eyebrows is certainly a way to stay interesting and relevant in the competitive world of blogging

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