Does Coffee in the Morning Harm Our Health?

We all start our day with a good warm cuppa Joe. It’s a common habit in every culture and a very needed boost after a good night of sleep. It sharpens our senses and gets us ready for the day, and is helpful on many other levels as well. Well, at least we thought so. Latest studies have shown that a cup of hot coffee on an empty stomach can actually be very harmful.

What’s the Reason?

Drinking a hot cuppa Joe right away after getting up in the morning will help you wake up easier. However, it also raises the levels of hydrochlorid acid in your digestive tract. If you eat something heavy in the morning, the high levels of this acid prevent the body from processing proteins like it should.

Non-processed and absorbed proteins can cause a wide range of problems including gut inflammation, bloating, and even vomiting. That’s the main reason why you’re sometimes bloated in the morning – a hot cup of coffee without eating first.

At the same time, medical experts are warning that this habit also raises our cortisol levels. These cortisol spikes are common, yet they can cause a bunch of problems in the long run. High cortisol production can raise your blood sugar levels and increase the risk of other diseases and conditions as well.

As you can see, this common habit may be hurting our health without us knowing. If you’re experiencing problems out of the blue, think twice before you drink a hot cup of Joe on an empty stomach. If you can’t stomach eating your breakfast before coffee, it would be great to add some butter or coconut oil in it. It will keep your stomach safe and reduce the risk of bloating.

You can then have your cup of Joe knowing that it won’t cause any harm.

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