Natural Remedies for White Spots On the Skin

What Are White Spots on the Skin? We all know how white spots on the skin look like. In short, they look…well, gross is one word that comes to mind. Although generally harmless, these spots ruin our appearance and we’re all better off without them. In most cases, they are solely a cosmetic problem. These …

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Skin Icing Benefits and How it Helps Your Facial Skin

What is Skin Icing? A popular, yet controversial technique for some experts, skin icing is a cold therapy that is supposed to make your skin look better. Cold therapies and cryotherapies are commonly used in a beauty salon as a ‘remedy’ for wrinkles and similar skin problems. For example, some use them to destroy fat …

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Use the Tanaka Facial Massage to Keep Your Skin Wrinkle-Free

Tanaka Facial Massage

The Japanese culture has always been interesting from different points of view. Take the food for example – the Japanese have based their diets around rice which is one of the reasons they’re so healthy. These people live long because they pay a lot of attention to their health. They also pay a lot of …

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