A Toddler Is Going Viral For Her Creative Way Of Decorating A Family Member’s Christmas Tree

With regards to decorating Christmas trees, everybody has their own way of going about it. Some of them are precise and find the best place for each ornament, whereas others hang ornaments on the branches without any concern.  

If you’ve involved your children in the decorating process, you need to be prepared for a bit of chaos. This was suggested by a parent who shared a photo of her mother-in-law’s Christmas tree after her toddler decorated it. After having a hard time reaching the branches, the results were hilarious.  

A woman shared a photo of her mothers-in-law’s Christmas tree on her Twitter profile. All you can see in the photo is a bare tree, which is decorated with ornaments only 60 meters from the bottom

Photo: Twitter

The large Christmas tree seems pretty sparse. On the top of the tree, there is a silver angel and a few snowflakes dotted around. The woman wrote that this was the photo of her mother-in-law’s Christmas tree, which was decorated by her toddler. 

This is probably the best Christmas tree that you have ever seen. Its bottom branches are decorated with silver and red sparkling ornaments, whereas the other part of the tree has a silver angel on the top. It seems like the Christmas tree has put on a fashionable skirt. 

According to Mirror, the post went viral, gathering more than 410.000 likes and over 38.000 retweets. And the numbers are still rising. Many followers also took the time to comment on the photo, leaving their comments on the toddler’s decoration skills.  

A lot of followers loved the Christmas tree. Some of them wrote that the toddler should take up decoration professionally. Others wrote that the toddler did a fantastic job. They loved the simplicity of the top and how it enhances the ornate bottom part of the tree.  

Photo: Twitter

One of the followers noticed that the little girl had great potential. She wrote that the girl nicely spaced the ornaments, and balanced the variety very well. She added that the toddler did a really good job.  

Another Twitter user gave the mother an excellent idea by telling her that it would make a nice holiday growth chart over the years.  

Finally, some people started to share the experiences of their children and Christmas trees. One of them said that they used to have candy canes on their Christmas tree. However, the oldest child used to eat it. All the candy canes that he could reach were gone.  

If you have a toddler, you know that when you give your children a green light to decorate the Christmas tree, it is likely that it will not go as planned. Generally, you put ornaments all around the Christmas tree from top to bottom. However, this toddler had a different idea in his mind. Even though it is not clear whether the Christmas tree was redecorated, we can safely say that the toddler did a great job.

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