A Civilization Of Mole People Is Living In The Tunnels Under Las Vegas

Shining lights, luxurious hotels, and casinos are the first things that come to our mind when we think about Las Vegas, aptly called Sin City. However, there is one thing that you probably do not know about Las Vegas. There is a civilization of mole people who live under the shiny streets and luxurious hotels of Las Vegas.  

The so-called mole people are different from the people who live above them. Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations to visit. There are always millions of people in the streets. However, the tunnels of Las Vegas are dark and dangerous.  

The civilization of Mole people and Las Vegas tunnels 

In 1975, there was a summer monsoon which ruined the city and caused material damage. To prevent future similar disasters, the city planned to build a network of tunnels under its streets. The tunnels were built to redirect the water and prevent flooding. In the past few years, the tunnels became the home of the homeless, who called themselves the Mole civilization.  

People have not heard about the mole civilization until Timmy Webber killed his girlfriend and hid in the tunnels. However, not all people living in the tunnels are criminals. Most of them are ordinary people who lost their homes and looked for a safe living place. Moreover, some people suffer from mental issues and substance addictions and it must not be easy for them to live underground.

It is estimated that over 300 homeless people are living in the tunnels of Las Vegas.  

Living underground is not easy. The tunnels are dark and dangerous. Moreover, as they were built to prevent the city from flooding, there is a high risk of flooding and drowning. Even though several organizations have tried to relocate the people living in the tunnels during the monsoon seasons, they had no success.

Despite the dangers, people prefer living underground to living on the streets. They think that it is better to live in a dark and dangerous underground than on the streets.

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