8 Exercises To Get Close To Flat Belly And Toned Abs

If you want six-pack abs, you need to work on 4 muscle groups. Only by targeting all abdominal muscles, you can achieve the six-pack.  

The side abdomen is made of internal and external abdominal obliques. These muscles stabilize the body and maintain the posture. The transversus abdominal obliques run across the midsection. These muscles stabilize the pelvis. Moreover, the rectus abdominal obliques are responsible for the toned six-pack abs.  

Here are some exercises that will help you tone your muscles:  

  1. Roll back to target the rectus abdominis 


Sit up straight on the ground and bend the knees at a 90° angle. Lean forward to the thighs, and stretch your arms. Lean the navel to the spine and exhale. Roll back and bend the spine in the form of the letter C. Inhale and return to the original position.  

     2. Twist roll back to target rectus abdominis and internal and external abdominal obliques 

Stretch the arms and bend the spine in a C form. Twist the torso to one side and touch the opposite knee with the arm. Return to the original position and repeat the same on the other side.  

      3. Sit-ups to target transversus and rectus abdominis 


Take a medicine ball and hold it above your head. Bend forward to the ground. Lift your body, but keep the ball over your head.  

     4. Kneeling crunch to target rectus abdominis 

Kneel down on the floor and bend forward on one arm. Stretch the other arm and your opposite leg. Exhale and return to the original position.  

     5. Dead bug to target transversus abdominis 

Lie down on the ground and lift your legs. Bend your knees and extend the arms to the ceiling. Lean the navel to the spine and pull up the tights. Exhale and lower your arm and opposite leg to the ground.  

     6. Lunge split jacks to target rectus abdominis 

Stand on the floor with your legs 2 or 3 feet apart, placing the right leg behind the left one. Bend the body down and jump up. When you jump up, make a scissor style with your legs, and place your right leg forward.  

      7. Toe dip to target transversus abdominis 

Sit down on the ground and lift the knees. Lean your spine backward, and balance your body on the elbows. Lift the legs, making sure the calves are parallel to the ground. Dip your toes and inhale.  

     8. Bicycle crunches to target transversus abdominis 

Lie down on the floor and pull up your abs. Place the hand on your head. Lift the knees to the chest. Bend the right leg to a 45° angle, but turn the body to the left. Repeat the same with the other side. 

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