7 Common Dreams and What They Mean

Carl Jung, a well-known psychotherapist, claims that our dreams represent a form of communication between the unconscious and yourself. Moreover, dreams are a window to the conscious world.  

A group of scientists from the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratory in Japan, who used brain scans to find out the meaning of dreams, supported Jung’s theory. They found out that we observe the real world and dreams in the same way. Our dreams are closely connected to our everyday activities.  


7 Common dreams symbols and their meanings 

However, although dreams have not been still defined, some common dream symbols have meaning. Here are some of them:  

  1. Teeth 

If you dream about teeth, it can be interpreted in many ways. Rotten teeth symbolize fear and anxiety, whereas tooth pulling means that something will come out.  

The most common dreams are about falling of teeth. This means that you may come across some stressful situations, such as job loss, lack of power, a lie, end of a relationship, and so on.   

     2. Flying 

If you dream about flying, it means that you have to accomplish some goals. Dreams of flying are usually related to success and freedom. Flying means that you will free yourself from stressful situations and accomplish some of your goals.  

    3. Money 

Dreams about money are related to self-worth, value, and luck. If your dream is about winning a lottery, it signifies that you will make big changes in your life. However, if your dreams are about giving money away, it means that you are afraid of loss.  

    4. Death 

Death symbolizes a change. If you dream about death, it means that you will end up some situations in your life, such as a relationship, a habit, an idea, and so on. Death means transiting from one state to another, which means there is a new beginning after each end. In addition, dreams about death can also mean that you will make some big changes in your life.  

    5. A waterfall 

The water is a symbol of cleanness and purity. It represents our conscious emotions, feelings, and experiences. It is a good omen if you dream about waterfalls. They mean that the old experiences will be replaced by new ones.  

     6. A house 

A house is a representation of your mind. It represents both yourself and your personality. The meaning of dreaming of a house can depend on the type of house or the room you are in. A house means security and comfort. Also, reams of attics represent hidden memories, whereas dreams of a basement symbolize intuition and unconscious mind.  

      7. Fire 

Dreaming a fire can represent many things, depending on the situation you are in. If you play with fire, it means that you are in some dangerous or risky situation. On the other hand, if you are dreaming a distant fire, it means that you long for a transformation. Moreover, dreaming if starting fire symbolizes repressed anger.  


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