6 Amazing Uses Of Coca Cola In Your Garden

Did you know that Coca Cola has numerous uses in the garden? Read the article below and find out how you can use it.  

6 Uses of Coca Cola in the garden 

Coca Cola can be used in the garden for: 

  1. Getting rid of slugs and snails 

If you have slugs and snails in your garden, pour Coca Cola in a large bowl and place it near the place where you have seen them. Coca Cola contains acid that will get rid of them immediately.  

     2. Making a trap for wasps  

If you have hornets and wasps in your garden, you can use Coca Cola to eliminate them.  

     3. Using it for compost 

If you want to enhance the breakdown of organic materials, you can our Coca-Cola over your compost. Moreover, its sweet taste will cause more micro-organisms to occur.  

     4. Eliminating weeds 

Coca-Cola is rich in vinegar-like acid, which can be used to cleaning and getting rid of weeds from your garden.  

    5. Cleaning rust from the garden tools 

If you want to cleanse rust from your garden tools, all you need to do is to soak them in Coca Cola. Then, rinse the tools with cold water.  

    6. Feeding the plants 

If you need to give extra life to your plants, you can add Coca Cola. It is especially useful for gardenias and azaleas. Add a small amount of Coca Cola to the soil and nurture your plants. 

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