15 Simple Steps To Growing Longer, Healthier Hair Fast

Did you ever see a woman with wet hair and how that looks? I mean, if she is satisfied and loves this on herself? Nobody has. We all like rapunzel hair and locks and glowing hair but this is no magic or possible as such, still, some methods can make the hair grow better. Just add some minor adjustments in the daily hair care, for example, the ones we suggest below

Some science behind the growth of hair

There are 3 stages of growth of hair, anagen, catagen, and telogen as las. Evey strand goes thru stages. Anagen means a growth stage of 2-6 years. Catagen means renewing of the follicles fully, and this lasts 6 weeks tops. Telogen’s last stage is resting and a temporary pause in growth. In total, er year, hair grows 6 inches.

A fun fact is that humans are born with 5 million follicles of hair, and of them, 100.000 are the scalp only! Daily loss is 100 hairs tops, as the American Academy of Dermatology stated. Now you know all these stages and basics, so let’s see what can we improve.

Ways to speed up the growth

1. Scalp massages

These massages are amazing for growth, feeling great, boosting the blood flow, and making hair stronger and thick. Scalp oils move around and make the hair moist and nourished.

This massage also promotes more growth. Coconut oil is amazing for this method because it has good vitamins and is like an air softener or mask. It will renew the hair, feed it, and keep the scalp soothed.

2. Regular cuts and trims

The hair that is damaged cannot grow and stops new hairs to pop up too. Trimming is crucial and not just to make split ends gone, but also to promote healthy new hairs. And, no breakage with trims are too!

But, do it once in a while, not constantly. It is ok to cut the hair every 3-4 months for example. Not more than inch tops.

3. Good healthy diet regime

A good diet will make your hair lush and healthy like nothing else. A healthy diet means all nutrients for hair act within, vitamins, minerals, and proteins will make it shiny and long!

4. Skip frequent washes

Hygiene is one thing but overwashing is another thing. Daily shampooing is bad and removes natural scalp oils. Try mild shampoos at least or dry powder spray shampoos. Do not dehydrate with daily foaming, and know that this will weaken the hair severely.

5. No heat styling at least not too much

Drying, straighteners, curlers all damage the follicle and dry it up. Use these things sometimes, not always, or daily. And use heat-protecting sprays at least!

6. Hair packs of natural origin

The natural packs are amazing for the hair and feed it lushly. Masks make it moist and pretty and promote faster growth too. Try avocado, olive oil, coconut, lemon, be creative. Some packs have items like shikakai, onion, coconut milk, gooseberries and all this is amazing to boost the hair quality. Cinamon and eggs promote blood flow and healthy strands.

7. Conditioning

The conditioner adds moisture and saves the proteins in the strands and the hair ends. It keeps the strands shiny and strong, not brittle and dry. It removes frizz and repairs damage too.

8. Skip some brushing

Brushing is crucial but not when overdone. A lot of damage and friction is caused by too much brushing, and this breaks the strands in half. Brush gently, use soft brushes, and do it rarely.

9. Try another pillowcase

If you use a cotton case so far, maybe it’s time to try silk. Cotton makes a lot of frizz and hair breakage, but silk makes the hair glide and be less tangled.

10. Supplement use

Some deficits of nutrients stop and halt hair growth. So besides a good diet, it is needed to get supplements too like multivitamins and biotin as well. Also some omega fats too.

11. Rinse out with cool water

The last rinse of the wash must be with cold water, to keep hair strands shiny, glossy, healthy, and not dried up. Hot water makes the hair damaged and look dull with no shine.

12. Microfiber is good

Towels of this material are ok for the hair. But wet hair tends to break more and regular towels can aggravate this a lot. Switch to microfiber that is fluffier and softer.

13. Less stress

A lot of stress makes you ill and this is a fact, so the hair will become dry, dull, fall out and break. Do meditation, yoga, relaxations of any kind, and similar. Also, sleep a lot too!

14. No more bleach!

Bleach is one of the greatest enemies and this is no wonder! It makes the hair “albino” and strips the natural tan of hairs! Yes, it is ok for some hair change colorings, but the damage is awful after it!

15. Coffee for the hair

Hair loves coffee and this is true! Caffeine makes the scalp more alert and alive and promotes hair growing too. The antioxidants of coffee keep the hydration of the hair and make new hair cells too.

What are obstacles to good hair growth?


The coloring of hair is the number 1 enemy among the treatments, and these dyes have ammonia in them, which is drying out fully. Also, the hydrogen peroxide makes hair break, makes frizz, makes more split and damaged ends, and not just hair growth stoppage. A lot of coloring and often too will make hair fall as well. Try natural things like henna, or coffee and cinnamon mixed.

Some treatments

Some chemicals and special item products may seem good, but they damage the hair long term. Straightening or curling seems pretty but it makes the hair strands brittle after a few uses one after another.

Wet hair and combs/brushes

Avoid directly combing while hair s wet. At least wait until is damp and semidry to gently go over the strands.

Rubber bands and tight styling

Scrunchies, bobby pins, tight updos all traumatize the scalp and pull the hair to point of breaking. Ponytails, hair gels, and sprays to make things in place – avoid them all!

Some final notes…

Everybody loves to have gorgeous hair, but this takes time and effort. Have a healthier way to style the hair and keep it healthy, eat well, rest, and stay away from hair chemicals and heat!

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