11 Health Problems Caused By A Sedentary Lifestyle

Prolonged sitting can negatively affect our health. A sedentary lifestyle, chronic stress, and an unhealthy diet can seriously endanger our health and lead to health problems, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and premature death. It is considered that sitting is as health hazardous as smoking.  

11 reasons why prolonged sitting endangers our health: 

1. Prolonged sitting can increase the risk of breast cancer, endometrial cancer, lung cancer, and colon cancer.  

2. Even if people do regular exercise, prolonged sitting can increase the risk of premature death.  

3. Prolonged sitting slows down the function of the brain.  

4. When we sit, the hips flexors become short and the legs get weak. Moreover, prolonged sitting can lead to poor body balance and stability. Also, it increases the risk of bone injuries and fractures.  

5. Prolonged sitting is the main cause of obesity. According to researchers, sitting for too long can form preadipocyte cells, fatty tissue cells.  

6. Prolonged sitting can increase the risk of high blood sugar, insulin resistance, and diabetes type 2.  

7. Sitting for too long can lead to heart diseases because the muscles burn less fat, the blood flow slows down, and the fatty acids accumulate in the blood.  

8. Prolonged sitting affects the release of insulin, which carries glucose to the body cells to use it as energy. When we sit for too long, the body is inactive and produces less insulin.  

9. Prolonged sitting can lead to herniated lumbar disk as a result of the increased pressure on the spine. When we sit, the natural curve of the spine is distorted, which means that the back muscles have to do something to keep the back in shape because we are not using the natural curve of the spine.  

10. Prolonged sitting can cause an improper body posture and pain in the neck.  

11. Sitting for too long can cause an imbalance between the soft disks of the vertebrae and deprives of from essential nutrients. Moreover, prolonged sitting can harden collagen around the tendons, cause stiffness, and reduce body flexibility.  

Being aware of the dangers that prolonged sitting can have on our health, we should do everything to try to prevent them. Doing yoga and exercising regularly can help us prevent the health problems caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, it will help us burn more calories, lose weight easily, tone the muscles, produce energy, and improve overall health. 

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